Broken Concert

Plenum allows you to discover Early and Contemporary Music in fresh new ways in its program “Broken Concert”. Renaissance pieces by Josquin Desprez and Melchior Franck, which are traditional Recorder consort repertoire, flourish in a new contemporary-abstract environment. Through this antithesis the polyphony of the Renaissance and the complexity of free improvisation fuse organically. For each concert, PLENUM invites different guests to intervene and support, brake and caress the new bond of music genres in the old and new recorder consort.
PLENUM has had the pleasure to perform this program together with Katharina Ernst and Charlie Fischer.

Drawn In

Immerse, experience, lose yourself. 50 minutes of slow development, humming basses, spheric sounds. Seven bass recorders generate a warm atmosphere that invites the audience to immerse themselves within it. A game of extremes for the audience as for the musicians.

In Paradise

The various meanings/interpretations of the term paradise, as a garden on the one hand, as a heavenly sanctuary on the other, or even as paradise on earth, be it the Garden of Eden specifically or the sensualism of men and their desideratum for it or to comprehend the world via art, find its place within this program. All pieces circulate around this topic. Together with the mezzo-soprano Anna Clare Hauf, PLENUM connects thereby English Renaissance music of the 16th century with contemporary compositions by Pauline Oliveros, Burkhard Stangl and Gunther Schneider, which were commissioned by the ensemble.

6 : 1

The "1" stands for an "In Nomine", whos point of origin is the six part mass "Gloria tibi Trinitas" (around 1528) by John Taverner (around 1495–1545). The "6" stands für the six additional layers, which are newly written by the members of PLENUM. Six short compositions which refer to and deconstruct the "In Nomine"-base layer/tradition.


With „6-12-36“ PLENUM presents a new program that was developed for the concert series "open music" and the Haus der Architektur, Graz, Austria, as an exciting location. Lying down, sitting, standing, ... or walking through the room: the perception will not be limited in this concert, but will be stimulated anew. The audience can expect a comforting and slowly developing soundscape, that invites you to immerse yourself in it. But not only the manifold sound of the square bass recorders should be the center of attention, but also the perception of the room. PLENUM gives the audience the chance to listen to the piece from different listening-positions and to influence the listening-experience themselves.